donderdag 24 mei 2012

New Flag for Northern Ireland

red hand of Ulster, flax flowers
New Flag for Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland at present has no official flag. The Ulster Banner, which existed officially between 1953 and 1973, has strong Unionist  overtones. The Red Hand of Ulster however seems to be a symbol that both Catholics and Protestants can identify with.
The flax flower, first used to represent Northern Ireland on a £1 coin in the 80ies, has grown into a neutral symbol of Northern Ireland, making its way into the logo of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the badge of the UK Supreme Court.It refers to Northern Ireland's flax industry.
I decided to forego both the cross in the Ulster Banner or the Ulster provincial flag and the saltire in St Patricks flag, I took the yellow and the red hand of the historical province of Ulster and combined them with six flax flowers symbolising the six Ulster counties that make up Northern Ireland. A child could draw this, and that's usually a good thing in flag design.

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